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Rapper Joe Budden bailed out of jail after facing charges that he allegedly beat, robbed ex-girlfriend

Rapper Joe Budden’s mom bailed him out of jail early Thursday after the rapper turned himself in to answer charges that he beat and robbed his ex-girlfriend.

The “Pump It Up” hip-hop star surrendered to cops at the 34th Precinct stationhouse in Inwood Wednesday, with his attorney in tow, at about 9 a.m., cops said.

He was arraigned late in the day on charges of assault, grand larceny and robbery in Manhattan criminal court but was released after his mother came to his rescue with $10,000 in cash for bail.

“It’s good to be free,” Budden told the Daily News as he left the courthouse. He also took a parting shot at his accuser.

“I’ve been portrayed worse by better,” he said.

The rapper was ordered to sign an order of protection forbidding him from contacting his ex-girlfriend, who police said he assaulted on Aug. 18 after she posted a picture of herself with another man on Twitter.

On that day, an enraged Budden drove up to a restaurant near Nagle Ave. and Dyckman St. at 4:30 a.m., grabbed his ex‘s cell phone, pushed her in the head, twisted her arm and then choked her before slamming her head against the passenger-side window as he forced her into his car, according to the criminal complaint.

After driving back to the New Jersey home the two shared, Budden grabbed the woman‘s hair and dragged into their bedroom, where he punched her in the stomach, the court papers said.

He then said he needed to call a cab before he killed the woman, according to the complaint.

The beatdown has been compared to rapper Chris Brown’s savage attack on megastar Rihanna in 2009.

Budden, 33, has mantained his innocence publicly on Twitter.

“Let this be a lesson to all … never steal a cell phone that’s in your name,” he tweeted. “Smh … Justice will be served.”

“I should’ve known that girl was trouble when she never heard of Prince,” he wrote earlier. “Neve (sic) trust a woman that never heard ‘Purple Rain.’ ”

In court, Budden’s lawyer, Nima Ameri, said the rapper’s tweets, including those taunting the NYPD, were jokes.

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